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Founder & Chairman

The approved contractor of Security & Staffing Guard services, providing quality Security & Staffing services to many organizations & private companies

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Our Company has over 10 years of experience as a Security & Staffing company.

We Powerful Detective and Security Management Pvt. Ltd. is a leading organization providing Housekeeping Services, Support staff services and facility Management Solutions Since -2016. Toil and commitment has helped us climb the ladders of success, well equipped with an experienced team of professionals and workers, we have a leading positions in the market. Our range of services are not self satisfactory but also highly reliable.

Mr. Sohanpal Tomar (‘Sohanpal Tomar’ to all) is a first generation entrepreneur and founder of Powerful Detective And Security Management PVT. LTD. (PDSM), which started with a team of two from a small rented office in 2016. Today, the PDSM Group is recognised as one of the leaders in manpower security business in the Asia Pacific with over 1,000 permanent employees, more than 100 corporate customers and a turnover of INR 20,00,000 (2016). Mr Tomar’s next big goal is to list PDSM on the Indian stock exchanges.

Early Career

At PDSM, we know researchers care deeply about their work. They want their research to be accessible, highly-cited, globally visible and impactful in their field. To accomplish this, they need multiple skill sets.


He is now recognised as an industry pioneer and spokesman representing the private security industry before government bodies. He served as an advisor to the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India (1999 to 2004) and is a well-known speaker on security, loss prevention, training and disaster management issues and is a regular faculty at universities across India and the US

Personal Life

On the personal front, Mr Tomar is deeply spiritual and a man committed to his family. He is also want, which aims at creating a home away from home for the elderly, destitute women and orphans.


Our Company has over 10 years of experience as a Security & Staffing company.

We Provide Housekeeping and Security Services That Matches Your Needs & Your Budget!

Powerful Detective and Security Managment Pvt. Ltd.

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“To fulfill growing aspirations of our clients by providing world class Facility Management solutions.”


“To fulfill growing aspirations of our clients by providing world class Facility Management solutions.”


Advantages: We are a one stop shop for solving all the housekeeping requirements of our customers. Our services are backed by a trained manpower coupled with sophisticated equipment that has brought us way ahead of our competitors.
Quality: The most important and pertinent part of an efficient organization is the quality control and we are proud to declare that we have a unique way of doing the same. A strict quality control is achieved with the assistance of the following personnel.
Expertise: Powerful the leader among few in facility management & executive housekeeping business is mainly due its skilled and efficient manpower. We, at Powerful train and motivate our personnel to the optimum.


Professional Excellence: To develop and maintain standard of professional excellence in services delivery: The main purpose of powerful is to create and keep valued clients. We continually work towards achieving excellence which is a never ending process.
Immense Opportunity: To develop our people: Another important goal of Powerful is to help provide our people immense opportunity to grow with the enterprise. We work towards continuous devolvement of our people to fullest potential through training and constant briefing.
Objectives Accomplishment: To grow with profitability it is necessary to view profit as reason to survive in the industry but this cannot be viewed as the sole reason of a company’s existence. Profitability is the mean to accomplish our main objectives.